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Michael Rosen

Saxophonist, composer, vocalist, lyricist, songwriter and educator Michael Rosen has won awards for his unique playing style, thoughtful lyrics, and creative compositions and recordings.  


Rosen has performed in over thirty countries, at many of the world’s most prestigious festivals, clubs, theatres, concert halls and sports arenas. He appears on some 150 CDs as leader of his own groups and as a featured soloist.  

Michael Rosen, voted among Top Ten best soprano saxophonists worldwide, in Jazzit Magazine’s Readers Poll, in 2010, 2011, 2012.


Quotes about Michael Rosen from critics and musicians:



il Domani (Italian Daily):

“Michael Rosen is surely one of the most talented and interesting saxophonists on the jazz scene today.”


Il Messaggero (Italian Daily):

“An intelligent and interesting artist who knows how to comunicate with an audience and convey deep emotions.” - Claudio Salvi


Jazz Magazine:

“Precise, succinct and terribly exciting.”  Raffaella Carabini


Cadence (American Monthly Music Magazine):  “A scintillating release.  Rosen stands out as a composer… consistently beautiful melodies, played in a charming yet invigorating style..displaying monstrous chops restrained by tasteful discipline.” – review of Elusive Creatures.


All Music Guide (U.S Worldwide Web):

“Rosen is a composer and musician of vast ability.”  - Thom Jurek


All About Jazz (Italy):

“Michael Rosen’s album flies high and serene.”  Four stars. - Laura Magnani review of The Surge and the Flow.


Jazz in Roma (Web):

With his sax, Michael Rosn has an incredible energy.  He can get people to move in their seats when he hits a high note, but is also capable of producing delicate, harmonious sounds.  An unforgettable night under the roman summer sky. – review of concert by TRICOLOR at the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival – Carlo Cammarella


Cadence (American Monthly Music Magazine):

“Fresh and alive, Rosen’s ballad album flows gently from the heart in a winning performance.”  - review of The Surge and the Flow


Musica Jazz (Italian Monthly Music Magazine):

“Rosen “searches” for the notes, avoids banal phrases, always in command…His compositions are born from logical, danceable and memorable melodies.” 


Art Lange (Critic, Downbeat Magazine):

“Rosen accepts the challenge and comes off as studied, secure and still spontaneous.”  


Peter Erskine (world renowned drummer and member or legendary group Weather Report):

“Michael sounds terrific, and i really like the band.  The concept is quite modern and fresh.”


Cadence (American Monthly Music Magazine):

“(a) scintillating release.  Rosen stands out as a composer…consistently beautiful melodies, played in a charming yet invigorating style.”


Nuova Ferrara (Italian Daily):

“A sensational concert in every way, with the hall completely sold out…an exceptional musician.”


Corriere del Ticino (Swiss Daily):

“An intense Michael Rosen on the Tenor Sax…a level of white-hot tension that we’ll remember for a long time to come.”


David Liebman (World-Renowned Saxophonist)

“Michael Rosen has produced a very high level recording with wonderful sidemen and great tunes. The immediate feeling I got was of complete honesty and conviction, traits that we all look for in the best art. Good job!!” - Cover of Michael Rosen Cd, Sweet 17, 2015 Jandomusic.


Sheila Jordan (World-Renowned Vocalist)

“Mr. Rosen is a musician of exceptional talent."


Jazz in Roma (Worldwide Web)

“More than a musician, Michael Rosen is an institution, a magician of the saxophone”.


Ralph Towner (World-Renowned Composer, Guitarist, and founder of group “Oregon”)

“Ive become a real fan of Michael Rosen’s projects…Always energetic, always vital and in pursuit of real group cohesion.”  - Liner Notes for cd Ipsofacto, by EDGE, Co-leaders Michael Rosen, Greg Burk.


Mike Stern (World-Renonwed Guitarist):

“Have you heard MIke Rosen?  He plays his ass off!” – Bluenote, Milan, Italy.


Musica Jazz: (Italian Monthly):

“Michael Rosen distinguished himself on the soprano sax with his melodic creativity, increbible swing, and rapid, buoyant phrasing.”


AF Digital: (Italian Monthly):

“Rosen’s tenor and soprano saxes float on inspired melodies and tasteful improvisations, combining romanticism and brightness.   Four stars.”


La Gazzetta del Sud (Italian Daily):

“The impression was one of the breaking of space-time and sound barriers, a pleasurable abandon to the vigorous and confident sounds of Michael’s sax.”

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