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Published by Notami/Hal Leonard Europe in 2019, Rhythmic Melodic Variations Volume 1, represents a unique system for improvisation, combining multiple triadic permutations, polyrhythmic movement and shifting accents. When incorporated into a daily practice regimen, this book of exercises will open new horizons for musicians of any instrument who seek to expand their rhythmic and melodic horizons, or who are just looking to improve their technique.  Recommended for advanced players.


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Empire State Suite is a highly challenging piece of modern classical music in three movements for Alto Saxophone or Clarinet and Piano.  Combining elements of Classical, Jazz and Latin music, it was composed in 2017 by Michael Rosen with piano arrangement by Sebastian “Seby” Burgio and Rosen.  An rhyhmic, exciting, unique and technically demanding composition for advanced classical performers.

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Empire State Suite Mov I
00:00 / 02:30
Empire State Suite Mov II
00:00 / 03:49
Empire StateSuite Mov III
00:00 / 02:46

Written in 2017, Four Petite Suites is a collection of suites for solo sax in three movments composed by Michael Rosen which reflects his own personal playing style, combining elements of Contemporary Jazz and Classical.    A challenging work for any classical or jazz saxophonist, it features wide leaps, shifting rhythmic accents, fast-moving triadic and scalar passages, as well as lyrical moments reminiscent of composers like Debussy and Satie.  An unusual and modern set of compositions for players looking for entertaining and novel reading material for practice or concert settings.


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